To use these Musician Loading Zones, you must have a sticker on the curbside lower corner of your front windshield. Remember to move it to the appropriate side!

  1. This permit only gives you access to use the Loading Zone—it DOES NOT turn it into a parking space for you. Please load your gear in/out as quickly as possible and then move your car to a regular parking space.

  2. These Loading Zones will be designated by additional signage that says “Musician Loading By Permit” (see image). If you don’t see this sign, don’t use the zone!

  3. If you stay longer than the maximum allotted time stated on the Loading Zone sign, or don’t have your sticker properly displayed, you WILL GET A TICKET.

  4. Some spaces are only designated for loading during certain hours. Outside of those hours, they are regular parking spaces; you can park there, but be sure to pay for your parking!

  5. Occasionally Loading Zones are reserved by the city, for events, construction, etc. When this happens, the reservation will take precedence over your permit, and you WILL NOT be able to use the space. A temporary sign will indicate if the zone is reserved.

  6. Do not take up more than one space. Position your vehicle as near the end of the zone as possible to leave maximum room for other musicians and business loading vehicles to share the space.

  7. If you follow the rules and still get a ticket, call Parking Enforcement at 503.823.5195 within two business days. PBOT says: “Currently (subject to change in the future) that phone number is answered by a voice mail system, but usually a human being is working the phones and can be reached immediately by selecting ‘3’ on the phone, after which the phone will ring for a human. You can ask to be transferred to a Parking Enforcement manager or supervisor to explain why you should not have received the ticket.” Please note that after two business days your ticket will get kicked over to the county court system; once it’s there, you’ll have a much harder time contesting it.



There are three ways to obtain a permit.

  • ONLINE: Click the link below and receive a permit by snail mail within 14 days