During three weeks in October of 2017, Fair Trade Music PDX, MusicPortland and Vortex Music Magazine teamed up to survey working musicians in Portland about the difficulties of loading in and out at various venues around town.

We received 76 responses to our survey and discovered a list of almost 50 bars, venues and theaters that are challenging to work at. In addition, the responses contained many comments from frustrated musicians. Those comments make clear the realities that working musicians face, and how loading zones for musicians would vastly improve working conditions and the cultural life of the city.

"Worst was probably hauling three loads of gear 10 blocks in the rain. Honestly pretty standard at this point for anything remotely near downtown though."

In our collective commitment to make Portland a city that serves the music ecosystem as much as it serves us, we’ve taken action.

"It's frustrating getting a $100+ ticket for a $50 gig. It would have been cheaper to stay home."

It’s our hope that this pilot project begins a cascade of voices calling for loading zones at more venues across the city so that we can put action behind the words we use when speaking to the value music brings to the culture and prosperity of our city.